Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Two pints

Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps –Cheese Toastie Ep 2/6 Tuesday 26 April 11.00-11.30pm BBC THREE Gaz can't get used to his "metrosexual" carer Billy; not only does he have regular manicures, he keeps calling him "babe" and trying to hug him. Billy is upset, but he's determined to win Gaz round no matter what it takes. Meanwhile Donna starts to face up to her responsibilities now that she is the sole breadwinner. Desperate for a job, she asks Tim for a few shifts in The Archer but draws a blank, she continues her search at the job centre but is thrown when she sees her old nemesis from school and is left feeling inadequate that she too doesn't have a career. Elsewhere, Cassie continues to admire Billy from afar, but she's too scared to make her move. Tim decides she needs to boost her confidence and gives her a make over so she can discover her "inner diva", and bag her man. Gaz is played by Will Mellor, Billy by Freddie Hogan, Donna by Natalie Casey, Tim by Luke Gell and Cassie by Georgia Henshaw.